Ladoga (1526)

34.0 - 43.0 m

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Ladoga was originally built in 1869 as Minin, heavily armored frigate, some 100 long and 16 m wide with a 900 hp engine. It was interesting design with both sails and steam engine. It was found to be lacking, and was taken to be used as gunnery training ship in 1892. In 1909 it was modified to mine laying function, with one 6-boiler 4472 hp steam engine, and with 1000 mines. Ladoga participated to WW1 in laying mine fields across Gulf of Finland, but itself succumbed to a mine layed by German submarine UC-4 in 1915. The damaged ship was being towed to safety when it sunk. The wreck lies facing NE at 40m depth south of Turku, SW from Örö. The wreck is pretty much intact, and lies upright at 40-43 m depth. The bow is at N59°47.440'  E22°17.882', and the stern at N59°47.422'  E22°17.815'.

The bridge and midship deck behind it were destroyed either at sinking, or by Navy divers practicing demolitions in 1970's. Professional divers raised two 47 mm guns after WW2. In 1970's Navy divers raised one 47 mm gun from the right side of front deck and a small anchor from the left broadside. The one remaining 47 mm gun is on the left side of front deck. The front mast was used as attachment point for heavy vessels by the Navy, and it came down later on. The 12 m long boat has its own small steam engine, and it lies at 40 m depth some 10-15 m from the main wreck, on its left side. Huge main anchor lies mostly sunken in clay on the right side of the bow.