Pm 1969/01-15

Jäsentiedotteet / 1969

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8. -H:n: €*EgtE [H #$f E€ jH j;?*glE s;lr E*igg 1 :EEEgsii Eil $E*aff* B H iE s E ;EE iF{ Hg E I fi 3f $E re a€ I *gtgtxtiggEEuIEEEEEEE€it+'$' $$$E i}i.=,s ft r,EfEEstt *s i€$+{l;g nss *t 'tegi[FEE€Ej F t * € E $EEE.H€$E fr e€ts $si [isg; BiEgE* E E I T Ei*ig: E n$ar';iE$fEtf a;;srx- f$ g5jte[*€ f{ ; $ { sfi st g l gFt*€ t EBgt jl, FEr E E BE g iitg€$E?€${ E$T €;it€€€Etiiqrtti UT -;SHH H FE : X'g# $E i F*EE.s.Ss;fi8$€ f,Eggf F;€$gxI:a E;E€E;.BggI$q Fg$ #ngrtEb fgE:s E os.' H e.l j I*€:;t+,g$t? t eF;,EE;*iE s€rgE f c.sE.*E ;€ HgT 3t $6 H s u $ Br$ H* tgef gg n ;ti AE*t tatFxBl c -;; : fit*Fst,$f-t xg$f nf i- E$;-iij ESsi €E*Hs: E sEtS s ss$ EEER;;.uF $*tiH J= €;i€; rE H+fiH IE$F €ir*t r$H€E{EJj* H Heg;g*$ H s; qn s H s Fs -{ E$; m $g g$f5l s:E$ Ei-*;+*Efgs $ EgfiffitT 8 [€.$H$#$ :€ :T#E's. sE i#*s'"s $.l$# A;g 5$i E s E s r g* 'n F s#;:'$[s$; Ag; I x *?r EJ;jEg,s,5ss E:E Br.sT Hf* fi hs* $isT s fr n E BErE.e=; ; is xd FssEtg*ss bEEsfrH a fi ! Ff Eii$ st e€'f E n

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