Pm 1969/60-80

Jäsentiedotteet / 1969

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6. S-r'' t^" 11 iEi$*1 EfF;€!Fi;E[: I1IJII ${ IE €r;*E€ gE$EE:B$E;3€.efF€TE g: i$ ;*E* g; :=,iE*l ;€?iEstEi€if€$€*#Tr == :r s gig;gg tg{€fl$$i.9i [g$$.gti+; aT E I jF!BE+ nEHnE6E,$q.;15;. €;fige €E E: r* F E E igF$EgigggtEtEt€tE [g it t i gE E iE q-glEfllt;Elf* = - E'E E s ;c € i i€ u =; E sstH EtgtiEEit +:tf .; Bi$ *,tt €E EE-q as tt:3E€EC I H*;'E'a=E€i sE E9€; 5 3 st ts : g K;F € Fgi $ e: E s s ; € * e q$ i B9 $ ; * q € Ee;t'gE€nE€ i=€'g€=SgtS*g s'c $ F I- g g*c ;+:Ti#'r= ; E s= I =rEE$EiT i :i :H*E€ g[5 fiig€3,E*gB3t g:Tfs,s rrs€ rsEE; .i gEitt igt IHE .E E$:E EEFf El$ - = s€ I ;€ #$fi€EiiFEi$ iIFgE$Egif $Ei i$E$g i g;Eii*,a;E:g$siE.E gET,xirF;s --H Eu+ a gEit aEqF.lEg*gEgqgit ltgt gE g{$i; ; FE F - E$i € *it g*t [* $ $ r ;E Bfi€ u EE:*ii { $ i f;i; q : s $T e; 5 g F$ lg g* $f ; E H ;€ ; a fi E; i i * r F F s :H s g ;sse;p sE Hs* si €€ *:;xg€g* fiti :E

4. # s,' I jtrg=;ttgEgieiEtjtglgi;ii i$E i;sEi! ci{fg g$$ i,sEreE ?j g*; :Tt'rq E+Els+is ecsau*i $E =jEEEE€$gEttEjs€r*dig€€Eq;$ EE E €t,i iF,as,E; H:t; H;$ $sE{ai s*a,ttit$gsi;:tE H$ $t$ EEifi3s* es;xfiEgEgEigt$E: fT Es= i *ti,i ae lt*;€$EFuE?Er:E1 ig !Ef $Eg$g5t n=ctiE;E ;$r;*rf ;H.EB s * g f fa* ee€ ;sjEgs it;EeIE g;s E $ e# 3 F- \c \o \c *E;n; 5*,s EEE:is {€rtsx :a:i:i E$t 5;€E#s FiE*gf :+,s E .g E f,Eet-q €iE E+E;H.N :$:.i* *ss*?d rg$F EgEFis €*;Fjf *EsijE €{; tEEt+ *Eg$E* i€{ifi*++iurEsE;i'*s a;$.fHi E3*r t*i;€ $t:i s€ (g ;' H Y 11 O='X F#x:;ia g i€S € $g:$ig, F EE;Rj S r E €x E E'q;cEE g t*t f iEg€It i gt;[;g g f t,E -.t jJv+ tsH E tEs f; *Eij€$ "i g$fiffli FEJ E 3 s t t f,r, L-

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1. xtg3,titl*gg:tE5j€ggtlitc;E*, ;;;E*;sEsgT: $€Enn;i;ecEr$# EsffE*f,;*;*Ei I* $; i#ti Et; ifi g1g}jii;Fs$Ei Ens*in;ig;tsgt *;i*:€ts:l$E= gIEsi€€;**e:tg u3 iq*rlt;tE:lF $EnEFr*x*81*;€ # E:;+${ igtx ;rg E s g e-E € $t rttti;r;ffr;; :s *{ei*sisEgEE; r$*$E$qEttit€t$;Eiit+gq*$ttE q* $; E c s ejE*#:$ a ;gb; is i EE et :sflFarHE- H \0 d I o o c *tg ca 5(l) 3o EE IZP (UeC q 6g 6E or _.4 E FS,u E63, qJo G'>o >o -c SR F 8 s5 E.9 c -9'$ $ s (s o_-c 9J >_(UV :-, b I'6 ';Goct PE9H

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